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FOURA® Release Notes

Release Notes – Version, released 5/26/21

Summary:  Much of the work in today’s update directly resulted from customer feedback.

  • Fixed the Sales Lead Form was not editable by the Account Manager assigned to the opportunity.
  • Updated the Business Unit (branch) Manager Security Role
  • Added the Employee Wage Rates Tab to the Employees Master Form
  • Added the Income Statement Account by Cost Center (CC) Financial Report

Release Notes – Version, released 5/20/21

Summary:  In this release, we fixed an issue with accessibility and a report that errored when a required field was blank.  We also added some details to two areas that will improve systemic processes.

  • Fixed the Sales Lead Entry Form to ensure that specific fields were not accessible by personnel without proper view\edit permissions
  • Fixed an Account (null) error on the Income Statement Account Report
  • Updated the formats on the Over/Under Totals of the Income Statement Reports
  • Added the Default Business Unit (branch) to the Browse Customers Form
  • Added the Cash Account field to Checks Table

Release Notes – Version, released 5/19/21

Summary: Today’s release targeted a couple of minor fixes, and a request was quickly identified as a necessary convenience.

  • Fixed the Customer Code Field that was not displaying data in Browse Quotes Form
  • Fixed the Application Exception Error discovered after clearing the Customer Code and selecting the Sales Lead Zoom Button on the Quote Form.
  • Added a new Global Variable called “LeadSelfAssignMgr,” aka Sales Lead Self Assignment.  When set to 1 = Yes, FOURA will self-assign a new Sales Leads to themselves, as long as the person creating the new Sales Lead is has the Account Manager or Sales Manager security role. If not, Sales Lead entries will be assigned by anyone with the Sales Manager security role.

Release Notes – Version, released 5/8/21

Summary:  This release has focused on the needs of the accounting team.  A big thank you to everyone who contributed to the discussion.

  • Fixed a few miscellaneous number formats and text color issues that were reported shortly after the release of version
  • Added the Unit Cost and Line Cost to the Browse Sales Invoice Lines Form, providing visibility to the details being used for the sales margin calculations
  • Added the check count and check range details to the Accounts Payable Payment Wizard so that they can be reviewed before printing checks
  • Added a “Posted Only” option for Sales by Day and Sales by Month Reports
  • Added a Terms and Conditions Tab on the Order Type Form. This functionality allows each Order Type to have its own set of Terms and Conditions, which are then printed at the bottom of the Sales Invoice
  • Added a new Financial Report called Balance Sheet Account

Release Notes – Version, released 3/31/21

Summary:  This release is small but helps our customers quote items and services that they don’t usually stock or sell.

  • Updated the Sales Quote to allow any Unit of Measurement (UOM) on the Quote Lines to be selected when the Item Number is blank.
  • Added a new option on the Sales By Month Report, which displays the Year Over Year (YOY) information from the same month in the prior year.

Release Notes – Version, released 3/28/21

Summary:  This release brought a significant performance improvement to the Browse Forms that everyone loves to use.  We also enhanced several reports and controls to help customers get relevant information clearer and faster than before.

  • Updated the Sales Quote Form with numerous enhancements to help our customers differentiate and manage their bid efforts with general Sales Quotes.
  • Updated the Sales By Month and Sales By Day Reports to now show totals for Margin and Trend lines
  • Updated the Sales By Day Report with a parameter to select Month To Date (MTD) or a Rolling Three Week period to view recent sales history.
  • Updated the performance of Browse Orders form by over 300%
  • Added three user-defined fields to the Stock Control Form. These fields are User 1, 2, and 3 and provide a space for customers to add context to their stock control entries.
  • Added a new Global Variable named “CashReqBUnit” that, when set to 1 = Yes, requires the Business Unit (branch) on Cash Entries on AR accounts

Release Notes – Version, released 5/3/21

Summary:  This release focused on helping our customers manage their pre-sale activities better.

  • Fixed the quoting process by adding the Business Unit (branch) field to the Quotes form and leveraging that in the workflow.
  • Updated the validation process of the Quote Type field on Add Quote Form
  • Updated the position of a few fields on the Quote Bid Report
  • Added an Expiration Date and the Freight Terms to the Quote Forms header
  • Added the field “Bid Item” to Quote Line. This will help users determine which items were part of a construction bid effort and which items were not.

Release Notes – Version, released 2/27/21

Summary:  This release came together through some great feedback from our customers regarding using FOURA.  We saw opportunities to refine the solution and put smiles on their faces.

  • Fixed the Sales By Month and Sales by Day Reports by removing the tax amount from the invoice totals.
  • Updated the Customer Care Stage History, so it now includes the initial event\stage record when a customer was created
  • Updated the Sales Management Pricing\Price Book Report layout with a graph by Product Family and Price Book Performance and Sales by Product Family details.
  • Updated the Sales Management Reports to use Fiscal Year for the Year Over Year (YOY) and Year To Date (YTD) details.
  • Updated the Sales Quote printing to use the Report Layout class internally
  • Added the Discount Code to the Browse Orders and Browse Order Lines Forms
  • Added a Global Variable called Use Pick Number As Invoice No (UsePickNoAsInvcNo). When set to 1 = Yes, the Sales Invoice will use the Pick Number for Pick Invoices.
  • Added the Pick Margin (value) row to Sales By Month and Sales By Day Reports Added Inventory Period End Report, which displays Items, Quantity, and Average Cost of items in a single or multiple warehouses.
  • Added the Project Actuals Report, which provides total project costs, with prior years and current year summary.
  • System Maintenance, we removed deprecated columns from the Reports Table (TableName,SelectTemplate,ReportPath)
  • System Maintenance, we removed deprecated columns from the Reports_Layouts Table (ReportPath,RecordSource,WideLogo)

Release Notes – Version, released 2/21/21

Summary:  This was a milestone release, as we switched reporting tools.  We’ve fixed a few things that we discovered and delivered numerous enhancements that improve visibility into essential processes within the release.

  • Fixed an issue on the Item Master where the HazMat Code changed when UPC was entered
  • Fixed an issue where the Group By box on grids is sized incorrectly for high-DPI users
  • Fixed an inconsistency with the taxable value when adding new Purchase Order Lines
  • Fixed the Sales Invoice Form, where canceled invoices were not filling in project code in sub-ledger
  • Fixed an issue with the Key Change for Item Numbers
  • Fixed an issue where the Accounts Receivable Aging wasn’t presenting updated details after revising cash receipt to a non-AR account
  • Updated the 1099 types to reflect tax form changes for 2021
  • Updated the Report Manager and reorganized the tabs and layout
  • Updated the Autosuggest Control for the Customer Field on both Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable Aging Forms
  • Added the Sales By Month and Sales By Day Reports to the Report Manager
  • Added the Sales Management Reports for Promotions, Sales Funnel, Sales Overview, Pricing, and Customer Care.
  • Added a maximum text length and characters remaining to Note Fields and Pop-ups
  • Added the Projects In Process and Projects Completed Reports
  • Added a SortKey to the Order Types Form
  • Added the Key Change for Project Codes. A project code can be updated in one place and replicated throughout FOURA.
  • Added the Customer Care Stage to the Browse Orders Form
  • Added the Warehouse column to the Browse Sales Invoices and Browse Sales Invoice Lines
  • Added a Customer Pop-up Message for Sales Leads
  • Added the Phone Field to the contact drop-down on the Sales Order Entry Form
  • Added the Zoom feature to the Customer Holds Field on the Browse Customers Form
  • System Maintenance, we updated Infragistics to version 2020.2
  • System Maintenance, we updated Avalara AvaTax to v21.1.1
  • System Maintenance, we enhanced reporting functionality across the board now that we are using Telerik Report Designer.

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