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We Specialize in Business Efficiency Optimization

Fourasoft delivers customized solutions that streamline processes and enable your business to function more efficiently and effectively.  The solutions we create are a product of our customer-centric approach to discovery, design, implementation, and support.

Leadership Team

Albert Boettger

Co-Owner; Technical Director

Albert is widely recognized for his ability to help companies realize significant cost savings and efficiencies through process automation and optimization.

The mastermind behind FOURA, he has over 25 years of extensive experience in software engineering, database architecture, business application design and development and project management.

His broad technical and analytical background, combined with great interpersonal skills allow Albert to thrive with people in a wide range of disciplines and environments.

Brian Peterson, CPA

Co-Owner; Finance Director

Brian is a trusted Finance and Accounting Business Partner with proven success in integrating systems, processes and teams together to achieve consistent, on-time and accurate financial reporting.

He enjoys collaborating with people at all levels and functions to achieve common goals by employing tact, patience, and flexibility and having a good sense of humor!

Known as a creative, “roll up the sleeves” solution finder, Brian possesses wide ranging, hands on experience spanning all areas accounting and financial management, reporting and analysis.

The Fourasoft Story

Fourasoft, LLC was born from a dream that had been brewing for years in the minds of three long-time friends and business colleagues – Albert Boettger (a computer nerd), Brian Rawlings (a sales operations guy), and Brian Peterson (a bean counter).


Fourasoft’s founders worked together for several years at a previous company, a high-profile world-leader in the identification and security industry that experienced significant growth, both from organic means as well as through mergers and acquisitions.   During their years there, they experienced first-hand that the various ERP software packages the business had paid hundreds of thousands of dollars for just could not meet its diverse needs.  They were just too cumbersome, required too much support, and created too many inefficiencies.  Add on to that trying to glue different ERP systems of acquired companies together just made for bigger headaches.

The Need

Management needed business management software that was fully integrated, flexible, user-friendly, secure, intuitive, cost effective, scalable and powerful.  Long story short, these three guys, along with a few others, were called upon to design and develop a highly customized, user friendly, in-house business management system.  They were intimately involved in building a system over several years that created efficiencies throughout the organization, enabling it to run lean and mean, providing great value to its shareholders.

The Vision

Both before and after leaving that company, through various relationships and circumstances, they observed the need in growing small businesses for the same type of powerful, yet affordable, unified business management software – something that would help businesses get away from running on glued together apps and spreadsheets.  Something that would allow owners to graduate from the chaos of running their businesses on low-end, unsecure, unauditable “accounting” software or unstable ERP systems spawned by too many mergers and acquisitions.

So they set out on the journey to take all of their combined knowledge, previous experience and expertise, and design and develop their FOURA product from the ground up, to meet the needs of growing businesses.  Your business!

Our Promise

  • We don’t market our exceptional FOURA software through resellers or VARs
  • We’ll personally guide you through the entire evaluation and implementation process from beginning to end.
  • Once you make the investment in your FOURA software, your business will have the tools it needs to take the business in your chosen direction.  We’ll always strive to deliver the results you expect from us, and more.
  • We’ll always have a warm body answering our phone line, and always return your calls or emails within 24 hours.
  • We’ll never share any of your data with anyone, period.
  • We’ll anticipate market and technology changes, value your input as a customer, and continually improve and advance our FOURA products so that you always have the best of the best.

When you become part of the “Fourest” (the FOURA users community), you’ll deal directly with our leadership team that has a combined sixty plus years of system, operations, process design and financial accounting experience.

And, as your business evolves, you can be confident that we will be there to help you customize FOURA to securely adapt to any specific business needs!

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