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Any Stage Two software purchasing decision comes with many variables and questions that determine how effectively your possible solutions will help your business to scale.

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We believe that FOURA is an excellent step up from the frustrations that the Sage 100 systems cause for Stage Two businesses.


Yes, we have helped Stage Two businesses migrate from their Microsoft Dynamics SL systems into FOURA, and by doing so their operations have become much easier to manage.

Yes, our customers frequently find that the Quickbooks ecosystem stops meeting their needs fully when they reach Stage Two. FOURA is an excellent step up from Quickbooks, and our Hybrid Cloud approach means that your data can be managed on the cloud or on your local machine securely and effectively.

Yes, Fourasoft has helped Stage Two businesses replace True ERP with FOURA. Our clients have been very pleased with this change.

When a Stage Two business reaches profitability, they often find themselves at the top of their game. They’re less concerned with survival on an everyday basis, but can still stumble when attempting to scale up further into higher profit margins.

Businesses in Stage 2 have moved beyond startup and have the aptitude and appetite to continue growing.

They typically have 10-99 employees and generate $3 million to $100 million in annual revenues.

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