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Release Notes – Version, released 2/21/21

Fourasoft, LLC

Summary:  This was a milestone release, as we switched reporting tools.  We’ve fixed a few things that we discovered and delivered numerous enhancements that improve visibility into essential processes within the release.

  • Fixed an issue on the Item Master where the HazMat Code changed when UPC was entered
  • Fixed an issue where the Group By box on grids is sized incorrectly for high-DPI users
  • Fixed an inconsistency with the taxable value when adding new Purchase Order Lines
  • Fixed the Sales Invoice Form, where canceled invoices were not filling in project code in sub-ledger
  • Fixed an issue with the Key Change for Item Numbers
  • Fixed an issue where the Accounts Receivable Aging wasn’t presenting updated details after revising cash receipt to a non-AR account
  • Updated the 1099 types to reflect tax form changes for 2021
  • Updated the Report Manager and reorganized the tabs and layout
  • Updated the Autosuggest Control for the Customer Field on both Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable Aging Forms
  • Added the Sales By Month and Sales By Day Reports to the Report Manager
  • Added the Sales Management Reports for Promotions, Sales Funnel, Sales Overview, Pricing, and Customer Care.
  • Added a maximum text length and characters remaining to Note Fields and Pop-ups
  • Added the Projects In Process and Projects Completed Reports
  • Added a SortKey to the Order Types Form
  • Added the Key Change for Project Codes. A project code can be updated in one place and replicated throughout FOURA.
  • Added the Customer Care Stage to the Browse Orders Form
  • Added the Warehouse column to the Browse Sales Invoices and Browse Sales Invoice Lines
  • Added a Customer Pop-up Message for Sales Leads
  • Added the Phone Field to the contact drop-down on the Sales Order Entry Form
  • Added the Zoom feature to the Customer Holds Field on the Browse Customers Form
  • System Maintenance, we updated Infragistics to version 2020.2
  • System Maintenance, we updated Avalara AvaTax to v21.1.1
  • System Maintenance, we enhanced reporting functionality across the board now that we are using Telerik Report Designer.

Fourasoft, LLC

Fourasoft, LLC is the publisher of FOURA, a powerful tool for Stage Two businesses to handle inventory, accounting, customer relationship management, and so much more.

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