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Release Notes – Version, Released 4/21/22


Summary:  We squashed a few bugs and made several adjustments that will improve usability throughout FOURA

  • Fixed the issue, where a “This backgroundWorker is currently busy and cannot run multiple tasks concurrently” error was being displayed
  • Fixed the Drag/drop so that the KPI arrangement is restricted to Setup Role Members for all corporate dashboards
  • Fixed an issue where FOURA was not trapping an error when the KPI was refreshing.  FOURA will display ERROR on the KPI with a tooltip of the actual error message
  • Fixed an issue where entry into budgets rows were not being saved


  • Updated the KPI Management Form to include basic audit fields
  • Updated the KPI Value Control with history to show actual value (current) as the large number and the projected value as the smaller number
  • Updated the KPI Graph to limit display to 12 groupings, additional groups will be rolled up into a 13th group called OTHER
  • Updated the KPIs and dashboards to require KPI Manager Role (rl_KPIManager) for editing
  • Updated the dashboard viewer to include a KPI context menu with options to remove a KPI and to open the KPI Entry Form
  • Updated the Dashboard with the FOURA watermark logo in the lower right corner


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