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Release Notes – Version, Released 4/18/2022


Summary:  We are really proud of this feature release, anchored by the introduction of Corporate and User Dashboards.  Supported by help files and nearly two dozen fixes and additions to FOURA, this is one of our largest releases ever!

  • Fixed the Void Payment form is now properly initialized and scaled when opened on the Browse Payments Form
  • Fixed the Exception on Delivery Confirmation dialog where the driver list was viewed but no driver selected
  • Fixed the Add Customer from Lead now sets the default service level
  • Fixed the Customer created from quote now uses AR specific defaults for Incoterms and cash account
  •    Fixed the Purchase Orders with Wide Format Logo Report, which now correctly shows the ship-to name
  • Fixed the Sales lead probability is now calculated after all other updates are done when releasing Cash Allocations
  • Fixed the “Add Order From Quote” process to use AR Cash Acct and Inco AR from AP Cash Acct and AP Inco
  • Fixed the Sales Invoice real-time calculation, the record is now properly initialized when adding a manual invoice from the Sales Order
  • Fixed the Quick Filter options on the Add Business Unit Form
  • Fixed potential object disposed errors, where form close race condition existed
  • Updated the Security Role Membership Report, which now shows roles that are not assigned
  • Updated the Pricing By Book Report to print from the Browse Price Books and Price Book Entry Forms
  • Updated historical release notes for all year 2021-2022 releases to include summaries and formatted text
  • Updated HeaderColor in Global Variables to DatabaseColor, seen in the footer of forms
  • Updated Employee Master Form to the name Employees
  • Updated the Document Attachments code to be more efficient
  • Updated the Document Library Zoom function to use the internal source ID, versus the document code
  • Updated the Global Variables form to include functional grouping and usage notes
  • Update the Cash Sub-Ledger (CAL) zoom JrnlID, from zooming to the Browse Ledger Form and now zooms to the Journal Viewer Form (JVW)
  • Updated the 1 Column Chooser Usage Notes (Browse PO Lines \ ShowOnSched)
  • Updated the ContentType Form from DocCount to Form Count.  Also added document count to measure the amount of attached ContentTypes across FOURA
  • Updated the Sales Performance to add BU \ Branch Filter, limiting Acct Mgr if BU is selected
  • Updated the Sales Margin by Family Report to add total columns on the upper right grid
  • Updated how Washington State Business and Occupational taxes are paid by updating the way retention is reported
  • Updated the Global Variables to add a setting to force ALL CAPS on check for Positive Pay Compliance
  • Updated the Global Variables to add a setting for the default return action in the enhanced return process
  • Updated Last Used field on the Addresses Form, which triggers on the release of a Purchase Order, Sales Order, and Sales Invoice
  •     Updated the Company Assets Form to make the depreciation and value adjustments process even easier
  • Updated the Depreciation Adjustment, manually set depreciation for an asset
  • Updated the SUM feature in the browse form footers to use dynamic layouts
  • Updated KPI Management to include new features
  • Updated the SUM feature with more efficient code and resizing according to the results.
  • Added Dashboard Viewer for KPIs with auto-refresh and full-screen options
  • Added a Splash Screen to highlight notable changes in FOURA following a software version update
  • System Maintenance, Avalara was updated to version 22.2.1, then 22.3.0


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