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FOURA® Release Notes

Release Notes – Version, released 3/29/20

Summary:  This release will help shore up existing workflows and make using FOURA seamless

  • Fixed high DPI issues
  • Fixed an Error “Missing Root Element” if form size/positions settings file is zero-length
  • Updated the Purchase Order Header with an Estimated Freight Cost Field (EstFrtCost) that prints on the Purchase Order
  • Updated select boxes with an Autosuggest textbox
  • Updated Sales Order Lines, Details Tab, with an tax recalculation (recalc) button
  • Updated the Receipt revisions process to use landed cost receipts
  • Updated the button style, image and color for child grids to help differentiate from the header
  • Updated the Browse Sales Invoices Form with Aged Days and Past Due Days Fields
  • Updated the Purchase Order workflow, requiring editing of street address details to be edited in the Address Form
  • Added a custom message when Washington Department of Revenue lookup fails “The WA DOR site did not return any address/tax information.  Please check your address”
  • Updated the Customer Form with a Credit Balance calculation field
  • Updated the Sales Order Form, to limit item lists to the items in the selected\assigned Price Book
  • Updated the Cash Entry Form with a Business Unit Field
  • Updated Accounts Receivable Aging Form to include a Business Unit field
  • Added a Customer Hold workflow. If any uncleared holds, stop the following: Release Sales Order, Sales Invoice and Complete Pick Ticket functions until the hold is released
  • Added a new Global Variable, allowing duplicate AP Invoice Numbers, otherwise limit to unique numbers, not including cancelled documents

Release Notes – Version, released 3/22/20

Summary:  This release provides some controls to a handful of our larger customers, who needs to be able to status efforts and results by Business Unit (aka branch).

  • Updated the Sales Order Confirmation, Sales Invoice and Pick Ticket Reports to use the Business Unit (branch) Address
  • Updated the Pick Ticket and Pick Ticket Browse Forms to use the Business Unit (branch)
  • Updated the Sales Invoice Batch Print and Batch Email workflows to include Company and Business Unit (branch) details
  • Updated the Employees Form to record the Business Unit (branch).
  • Updated the Employees Form to return login properties, and Business Unit (branch) on Navigator status bar
  • Updated the Browse Sales Invoice, Browse Sales Order, Browse Pick Ticket Forms to leverage the Business Unit (branch) filter
  • Updated the Sales Order Entry Form to support Business Unit (branch) hard filters
  • Updated the Address Form to use alternative address accounts – By State, added new State/Province form
  • Updated the Address Form, and removed the Account Tab
  • Updated the Order Type control, with Business Unit (branch) which will be used to populate Sales Orders
  • Updated the Sales Order Form with a quicker method to add a new ShipTag
  • Updated the Sales Order Header with an Estimated Freight Cost Field (EstFrtCost)
  • Added User Setting for Pick Ticket Copies, used on the Pick Ticket Print Dialog
  • Added the Logo, Address and Contact Fields to Business Unit Form

Release Notes – Version, released 3/10/20

Summary:  This is a usability release that is focused on the initial integration of Business Units (branches) within existing workflows

  • Fixed the Batch Invoice Email process, which was only sending first email since release v1.2.3.5
  • Updated the Purchase Order Forms Quick Address Buttons from quantity three to five
  • Updated the Security Role Dialog Form with a counter for roles selected
  • Updated the Addresses Form with a Default Warehouse (Whse) Field
  • Updated the Batch Invoice Email workflow with a red highlight if no EINV contact is defined
  • Updated the Warehouse Form to use Business Units (BUnit)
  • Updated Revenue Accounting by Address
  • Added Landed Cost By weight
  • Added a Business Units Form, replacing the BU Possible Values List
  • Added a new Autosuggest Textbox control, providing greater efficiently searching large lists
  • Added a PDF print option for Purchase Orders, Sales Orders and Sales Invoices (Creates high-quality PDF)
  • Added a PDF print option for all Report Manager Reports
  • Added the Material Transaction Number (MTR) to the message when a transaction is completed
  • System Maintenance, updated the ReportViewer to version 150.1404.0
  • System Maintenance, updated PDFSharp to version 1.51.5185.0

Release Notes – Version, released 3/4/20

Summary:  We squashed a few bugs and made several adjustments that will improve usability throughout FOURA

  • Fixed the error “Unable to identify balance line in sub-ledger” when attempting to revise Sales Credit Memo
  • Updated the Purchase Order Form, with a control to automatically add a freight line
  • Updated the Purchase Order Lines Unit Costs field to use up to six decimals (user configuration)
  • Updated the Purchase Order Lines, Line Cost to be editable, auto-updates unit cost and visa-versa
  • Updated the Project auto-number index to use two positions, from three previously
  • Updated the inventory transactions to display a confirmation message on the transaction status prior to the form closing
  • Updated the rules for adding Sales Invoices from Pick Tickets. The freight will not be taxed if all picked order lines are not taxed
  • Updated the Sales Invoice Reports to exclude the customer acronym
  • Added an option to display the Supplier Account Number, versus the Supplier Invoice on payments
  • Updated the Inventory Issue Transaction to default to zero quantity (not blank) and use the “ALL Button” to select all available quantity
  • Updated the Sales Order and Sales Invoice to the quantity to a decimal
  • Updated all Sales Order and Sales Invoice Report layouts to show decimal quantity
  • Added a Global Variable Allow Negative Inventory (AllowNegInv) to allow/disallow negative inventory from Pick Tickets

Release Notes – Version, released 2/23/20

Summary:  This release provides Expense Reporting and some minor adjustments to improve overall workflow efficiency

  • Updated the default filter for Browse Suppliers and Browse Customers to “Active”
  • Updated the Logon Form to respond to the use of the Enter key
  • Updated the AP Invoice, so when changing the tax percentage will automatically update the tax amount
  • Updated the Accounts Payable Invoice, so that the freight line will be automatically added to the invoice if the freight total is not zero
  • Updated the Navigator Status Bar to show the client version and logon message tooltip
  • Updated the Sales Tax Report to now supports period range and group by Jurisdiction
  • Updated the System Journals workflow so journals with no lines are permitted to post
  • Updated the Auto-Fit feature to limit action to visible columns
  • Updated the Stock Usage Form with a Unit Of Measure (UOM) Column.
  • Updated the Sales Order Form with an “Add Project” button and corresponding workflow
  • Added a Tri-Pane Check Format in the Middle Check Report
  • Added Expense Reports Form
  • Added Browse Expense Reports Form
  • Added Browse Expense Report Lines Form
  • Added Project number assistance, enter the prefix followed by “?”, at the position where remaining portion is numeric and the project number will increment to next available in the sequence

Release Notes – Version, released 2/16/20

Summary:  This is a small but fundamentally powerful update.  This lays the foundation for several road map workflows to come to fruition.

  • Fixed an error when cancelling a quote that is not associated with a Sales Lead
  • Fixed UnPost to include TaxCode,IsBal and ProjCode
  • Fixed closing an order with unfulfilled demand does not update allocation totals
  • Fixed Close button does nothing on Order Email popup
  • Updated the Add Order From Quote feature to include the Warehouse
  • Updated the Browse Sales Orders Form to include the Warehouse (Whse)
  • Updated the Cash Flow Form to Include general journal depreciation lines
  • Updated the Timesheet Form to Zoom from Journal/Post Docs
  • Updated the Pick Ticket Form to use the Invoice date on batch create
  • Updated the Invoice date so it can be changed per invoice in batch create
  • Updated the Browse Ledger Totals Form formats
  • Updated the Employee Entry Form with a Login combo drop down box for easier selection Added the Browse Customer Care Form and Workflow
  • Added the Browse Sales Lead History Form
  • Updated the Order Email changed from a dialog box to a child popup
  • Added the Project Timesheet Import feature
  • Added an Employee column to the Browse Invoice Form
  • Added the 1099 Type Field to the Browse Suppliers Form
  • Added the Browse Time Entries Form. Timesheet updates on Entry form will now be immediately reflected in browse form if both are open

Release Notes – Version, released 1/9/20

Summary:  This is a foundational release, providing workflows for budgets and projects, plus some nice updates to make things run more intuitively.

  • Fixed an issue where $0 dollar lines were appearing on the Bank Reconciliation Report Updated the Browse Purchase Order Lines Form with a Product Family Field
  • Fixed an error that surfaced when adding new promotion with new discount
  • Fixed an error “Process start check was not in this check run” when processing checks
  • Fixed and issue where the system journal for Accounts Payable Checks does not validate if any checks are for zero dollars
  • Fixed an error that required the Serial Number (RequireSN) when querying anything on the Browse Receipt Lines Form
  • Fixed an issue where the after selecting Cancel on Excel Export dialog, the file may continue to process and generate
  • Updated the function to change a Customers Purchase Order Number after the Sales Order has been released
  • Updated the Add Sales Order Dialog to display the Customers Credit Details
  • Updated the Cycle Count Entry Form with a Match Checkbox, reducing data entry and increasing accuracy
  • Updated the workflow to validate the starting Accounts Payable Check Number prior to printing checks
  • Updated the Accounts Payable Invoice Lines to display the Pay/Early Date on AP Invoice Lines
  • Updated the Login Form, to set the focus field based on what is already filled in
  • Updated the Browse Accounts Form to display the Cost Centers
  • Updated the Printer Options to change a printer on grid print preview form
  • Added Project Support for Purchase Orders, Receipts and the Accounts Payable Invoice
  • Added the Budgets Form and Workflows
  • System Maintenance, Improved high-DPI support for option buttons

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