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Release Notes – Version, released 3/10/20

Fourasoft, LLC

Summary:  This is a usability release that is focused on the initial integration of Business Units (branches) within existing workflows

  • Fixed the Batch Invoice Email process, which was only sending first email since release v1.2.3.5
  • Updated the Purchase Order Forms Quick Address Buttons from quantity three to five
  • Updated the Security Role Dialog Form with a counter for roles selected
  • Updated the Addresses Form with a Default Warehouse (Whse) Field
  • Updated the Batch Invoice Email workflow with a red highlight if no EINV contact is defined
  • Updated the Warehouse Form to use Business Units (BUnit)
  • Updated Revenue Accounting by Address
  • Added Landed Cost By weight
  • Added a Business Units Form, replacing the BU Possible Values List
  • Added a new Autosuggest Textbox control, providing greater efficiently searching large lists
  • Added a PDF print option for Purchase Orders, Sales Orders and Sales Invoices (Creates high-quality PDF)
  • Added a PDF print option for all Report Manager Reports
  • Added the Material Transaction Number (MTR) to the message when a transaction is completed
  • System Maintenance, updated the ReportViewer to version 150.1404.0
  • System Maintenance, updated PDFSharp to version 1.51.5185.0

Fourasoft, LLC

Fourasoft, LLC is the publisher of FOURA, a powerful tool for Stage Two businesses to handle inventory, accounting, customer relationship management, and so much more.

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