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FOURA® Release Notes

Release Notes – Version, released 2/24/21

Summary:  This release was essentially a regularly scheduled tune-up.

  • Fixed the Send Email function that is affiliated with the Sales Quote.
  • Fixed an issue where the Supplier Name appeared in the Ship-To field on the Purchase Order Report.
  • Fixed an issue on the Finance Report drill-in, where the date range was not correct when using truncated intervals (I.E., Reporting interval of a year, but only including December)
  • Updated the Sales Invoice Wide Service Layout Report to now show the Project Code
  • Updated the Customer Statement Report to display the Sales Invoice Date
  • System Maintenance, we improved the performance of the Financial Reports so it only – recalculates account balances on demand

Release Notes – Version, released 5/2/21

Summary:  This release required some heavy lifting, providing numerous enhancements to the Financial Reporting and the Sales Quote workflow.

  • Fixed the Prior Year Gross Profit calculation on Project In Process Report
  • Fixed the Billing Remaining calculation on Project Summary Report
  • Fixed the line numbering on the Quote Report, where sublines exist.
  • Fixed the formatting of the Quantity field on the Orders Tab of the Projects Form.
  • Updated the Global Variables by removing quote controls and moving them to the Quotes Type Form.
  • Updated the process of a build when the cost is $0. The build will use the item’s standard cost to complete the build.
  • Updated the Quote Report layout with the report format controlled by the Quote Type Setup.
  • Updated the Business Unit (branch), which now gets set when creating a Sales Order from a Quote
  • Updated the Invoice Lookup to favor non-canceled first, then display the most recent invoices (ALPD Installation Report)
  • Updated the attached images, which will now be auto-rotated upright based on embedded EXIF data (ALPD Installation Report)
  • Added the Terms and Conditions to the Quote Type Form. This functionality allows each Quote Type to have its own set of Terms and Conditions printed at the bottom of the Sales Quote.
  • Added the Estimator Tab to the Quote Header, displayed when “Show Estimator” is set in Quote Type
  • Added a New Bid Quote Report
  • Added the Business Unit (BUnit) to Quote Header
  • Added the “QUOTENO” Tag to the Quote Email and changed default Quote Email Subject Line to use Quote Number versus ID
  • Added the Quote Type table and associated support form
  • Added a release validation condition to the Sales Quote Line Item Description. It cannot be blank or have a question mark (?)
  • Added the period “Fiscal Year” functionality in FOURA. The Fiscal Year Start Month (FYStartMonth) can be specified in the Global Variables Form as months 1-12 in the FYStartMonth field.  The Fiscal Year is defined in the Posting Periods Form, found in Accounting/Finance, General Ledger sub-menu.
  • Added the Fiscal Year to the default Financial Periods drop-down menu.
  • Added a Cost Center filter the Financial Reports header
  • Added an Income Statement Account Report
  • Added an Income Statement Account w/Budget Report
  • Added a Prior Year with Variance checkbox that can be selected when selecting details before generating any of the Income Statement Reports
  • Added more detailed error messages when an Invoice could not be found (ALPD Installation Report)
  • Added a shipment weight to the Warehouse Transfer Line and Header areas
  • Added a size/position memory for inventory transaction forms
  • Added the size memory for Manual Order Invoice dialog
  • Added a new Global Variable SIUseCompAddress to force company address on all Sales Invoices

Release Notes – Version, released 11/9/20

Summary:  This release includes an Enhanced Return Process and a lot of polish to make FOURA operate as good as it looks.

  • Fixed issue with Ship To Use Map Coordinates (Use Coords), which now checks for a new address as part of adding a new customer
  • Updated the Customer Purchase Order Field on the Add Sales Invoice Form to use upper-case
  • Updated the Sales Orde and Sales Invoice Forms, allowing Tax Exempt to be manually selected which will set the Tax Entity Use Code to G = Resale
  • Updated FOURA to validate the Country and State on a address record – Now using the Require State Flag (ReqState) in the Countries Table to use the Country States to validate the entry.
  • Updated the Sales Quote to set Tax Rates and Exemption information when customer is assigned or the Ship-To is changed
  • Updated the Customers Form, Customer Resale Certificate button in green on Customer entry form if active resale certificate exists
  • Updated the Browse Alerts Form with Aged Days
  • Updated the Cash Entry From, where Cash Entries can be revised at any time, including line-level un-allocation as needed
  • Updated the Sales Order Reports to include the from\Picking Warehouse (Whse) field
  • Updated the Discount Description on the Discounts Form to 100 characters
  • Updated the Security Role Membership list to 1000 characters
  • Updated the Sales Invoice Return Help File to include the Enhanced Return Process steps
  • Updated the Scheduler, where “all day” events will now reset the time to the default 8AM-5PM
  • Updated the Sales Tax Report Include the Jurisdictional Tax Location Code\
  • Updated the Scheduler to only allow private event colors to be changed, reset to default color when event becomes public
  • Updated the Sales Order and Sales Invoice Forms to auto-converted Item Number entries to all caps upon entry
  • Updated the Scheduler to remember the selected event types for each user logged in
  • Updated the Warehouses Form to include the Alternate Manager, supporting shared duties and backup situations
  • Updated the Warehouse Transfer Form, to allow the freight amount to be edited up to the time of receipt
  • Updated the Warehouse Transfer Report (access via the Print Button) on the Warehouse Transfer From, now displays the From and To Warehouse Addresses
  • Updated the Inventory Transaction Viewer Form (from Browse Transactions) to display the Order Number Field (OrdNo) on Pick Transactions
  • Added the Enhanced Return Process, so customer returns (items and costs) take only a few mouse clicks
  • Added Item Class to the Browse Stock Calcs Form
  • Added the Taxation Method (TaxMethod) and Tax location Code (TaxLocCode) to Browse addresses Form
  • Added a Legacy Sales Browse Form to Order Management menu, if applicable. This allows select customers with incomplete legacy sales history to easily access past details
  • Added the Inventory Transaction Viewer Form, that displays transaction details when users zoom into the Transaction ID (Trx) Field.
  • Added an Accounts Payable Approver Security Role.  This allows the approval of AP Invoices, even without invoice edit rights

Release Notes – Version, released 10/9/20

Summary:  This was the second planned release following v1.2.4.4, which really focused on taxation and supporting forms and their controls.

  • Fixed the Sales Quote Form to reference the User Preference to use the Open All Forms Blank setting.
  • Fixed the signage (reversed) on the Sales Tax Report, when displaying the State, County and City tax rates
  • Updated the Sales Quote Form, so the quote line uses the Autosuggest box when entering the Item Number. Begin by entering either part of the Item Number or the Item Description.
  • Updated the Sales Quote Print dialog to remember the last Quote Print Form size
  • Updated the Document Library and Possible Values List menu icons to the System, Maintenance sub-menu page
  • Updated the Sales Quotes, Sales Order and Sales Invoice Forms to default to use the address tax method to determine the tax
  • Updated the Sales Quotes, Sales Orders and Sales Invoice Forms to update the tax rates when the Ship-To changes
  • Updated FOURA so that when an Avalara AvaTax License is enabled, the address rate lookup API is now called when adding a Sales Order or Sales Invoice
  • Updated the Sales Order Line and Sales Invoice Line Taxable fields to be read-only. These are driven by the source documents tax settings and override settings.
  • Updated the Avalara AvaTax transactions to be overridden to force $0 tax on lines where the Tax Override Flag (TaxORide) is checked on the Sales Order Lines and Sales Invoice Lines Forms.
  • Updated the Sales Quote to look up the Tax Rates when copying the Customer Bill-To Address to the Shipping Address
  • Updated the Sales Order Invoice Form, when a manual invoice date now sets invoice date for new Sales Invoice
  • Updated the Sales Invoice Form, when there is a Ship-To change the Tax Exempt and Tax Entity/Use Code will be updated
  • Updated Avalara’s address rates API sync to be called, whenever the Sales Invoice Ship-To is changed
  • Updated the Sales Quote Header, to fill-in the governing Sales Promotion when the corresponding Discount is selected
  • Added a Tax Locations Browse Form to the Accounting/Finance, Support sub-menu page
  • Added the Tax Location Code and Tax Rate Method to Addresses Form
  • Added the Tax Codes Form to the Accounting/Finance, Support sub-menu page
  • Added the systemic Tax Location lookup to Address Form for Washington State addresses
  • Added auditing for Scheduled Events
  • Added the TaxEntity/UseCode override to the Shipping Tag on the Sales Orders Form
  • Added a Tax Override (TaxORide) Flag to Sales Order lines and Sales Invoice lines for situations where there is no tax to be collected. Select the checkbox and the line will be tax exempt.
  • Added a Discount Name and Expiration Date to line notes on the Sales Quote Report on Standard and ALPD layouts
  • Added a Tax Override Rates (ORide Rates) select box to the Sales Invoice Lines Form for Avalara AvaTax customers. When selected, FOURA will send the document tax rates and tax amounts to Avalara
  • Added Use Coordinates (UseCoords) selector to Browse Sales Orders and Browse Sales Invoices
  • Added a Browse Quote Lines Form
  • System Maintenance, the Avalara AvaTax API was updated to version 20.9.0


Release Notes – Version, released 9/30/20

Summary:  This was a planned maintenance release, following version v1.2.4.4.

  • Fixed an issue where the Accounts Payable Invoice post would fail when the Sales Invoice Line Description exceeded 100 characters in length.
  • Fixed the Filter By handling for blank values, nullable dates and nullable numbers
  • Updated the Addresses Form logic, requiring the Latitude and Longitude to be entered before the “Use Coordinates for Tax” checkbox can be selected (Yes) and the record saved
  • Updated the Pick Tickets Form to display the Quantity On Hand (OH) = available) in the Pick Location
  • Updated the Sales Order validation routine when Avalara AvaTax is active
  • Updated the Browse Invoice Form and added the Ship To City (ShipToCity) to the Column Chooser list
  • Updated the Pick Tickets Form with Available Status (AvailStat). When the Item Availability status is 1/Green = stock on hand for all orders, 2/Yellow = stock on hand for some orders, 3/Red = insufficient stock on hand.
  • Updated the Browse Sales Invoices with the Tax-Exempt column from the Column Chooser
  • Updated the Avalara AvaTax mapping for reporting Location Code, modified to use the From Location
  • Updated the Tax Entity/Use Code to be consistent with Tax Exempt setting
  • Added a transaction exclusion for Cash Flow Statement, new NDIS account group

Release Notes – Version, released 8/30/20

Summary:  This release was part of a certification effort with Avalara for AvaTax.  The bulk of our customers may not need integration, and will do just fine with our native tax rate lookup using Zip Codes.

  • Fixed cases where internal form name did not match source code file name
  • Fixed the tab order on the Add Address Form
  • Updated the tax calculations from using Tax Table to use Zip Codes.
  • Updated the row selector area in form footer
  • Updated the Sales Order Form, to improve the layout of from entry form
  • Added a Tax Tab to Sales Quotes, Sales Orders and Sales Invoice Forms
  • Added a certified Avalara Integration for Address Validation, Sales Tax and Returns
  • Added the On Schedule checkbox to Order Checklist Form
  • Added the Has Damage (HasDamage) checkbox to Browse Receipts Form
  • Added the Electronic Invoice Email Address (EINVEmail) to Browse Order Checklist
  • Added the Browse Customer Certificates Form, to make it even easier to determine customer tax status.
  • Added the Grid Search feature to the Column Chooser
  • System Maintenance, applied Infragistics Service Release

Release Notes – Version, released 5/16/20

Summary:  This feature release was really focused on Accounting and Inventory transactions.

  • Fixed an error with the Browse Builds Form, when attempting to open when there are non-BOM builds in the list
  • Updated the process where Invoice match records are now cleared when the user closes the match form without processing matches
  • Updated the Receipt Match Form, where completed matches are now initially hidden when the form is opened
  • Updated the Add Sales Order dialog to show the correct values in Credit Used / Remaining fields (were swapped)
  • Updated the System Event Types, so they can no longer be deleted
  • Updated the Stock Calc Forms column layout and set formatting
  • Updated the Pick Ticket with the Warehouse after a Sales Order is Revised.
  • Updated the Warehouse and Qty Available fields, they are immediately updated on lines when header warehouse is changed on Sales Order
  • Updated the field layout on the Key Info Tab on the Sales Order Entry Form
  • Updated the Browse Pick Ticket Form with a Required and Estimated Ship Date fields
  • Updated the Browse Pick Ticket Form with a HasPickNotes colum. Click to show pick notes
  • Updated the Browse Sales Order Form with an Order Description Code and Name fields (hidden by default)
  • Updated the Sales Invoice Form, to use the Order Type Freight Account and Cost Center with new freight lines. unt/cc
  • Updated Margin calculations – excluded Tax from Margin on sales order, Included Freight in Margin on sales invoice
  • Updated the Adjustment Transaction to no longer allow gains for non-gain adjust types
  • Updated the Sales Order Ship To, to limit to active ship tags and active addresses
  • Updated the Copy Quote feature to use the current pack multiplier and price from the Item-Suppliers per each Unit Of Measure (UOM)
  • Updated the Pending Orders Report with a Warehouse (whse) parameter
  • Updated the Pick Ticket Entry Form to add a “Who” field for the Add/Revise/Complete status changes
  • Updated the Inventory Notes so they save to the transaction batch header for Adjust, Move, Issue, and Return functions
  • Updated the Browse Sales Order Lines and Brose Customer Forms to excluded taxes on the margin calculation
  • Updated the Posting Assistant Sweep to recorded in new table POSTSWEEP_EVENTS
  • Updated the Sales Order Entry Form to show the Account Manager Name when hovering over Account Manager Field.
  • Added Default Price Book to Browse Customers
  • Added Full Auditing for Sales Invoices and Sales Invoice Lines
  • Added new column to Customer Address tab that shows whether underlying address is active (versus ship tag active)
  • Added Accounts Payable Aging Form
  • Added Accounts Payable Aging Report
  • Added Units of Measure (UOM) to Inventory, Support Tab

Release Notes – Version, released 5/13/20

Summary:  This release includes two significant new features that our customers recently requested.  Billing Retention functionality for project-based activities and Warehouse Transfer

  • Fixed the correction reversal posting will now post to the original release period
  • Fixed “value cannot be null” error when clicking Bank Recon report from Browse Reconciliation form
  • Updated the Inventory Receipt Posting to include the Supplier Code
  • Updated key change process for customer code
  • Updated he Stock Control Allocation Total when the back order is killed on pick completion
  • Updated the validation messages when cancelling a credit memo
  • Added Billing Retention feature for customers using projects. Use Item Number “Retention” to manage Sales Order Lines and have the entries omitted from AR Aging
  • Added a Warehouse Transfer workflow, allowing a request, approval and receipt functionality, where everything is managed through permissions and a few mouse clicks to issue, receive the quantities and dollars transferred.
  • Added page break between sections for bank reconciliation report
  • Added RelQty, OpenQty, UnitCost, RecLineCost, FrtCost, RelUnitCost, RelLineCost, RelFrtCost, OpenCost to Browse Receipt Lines Form
  • Added the Availability Quantity Field to the Browse Pick Tickets Form

Release Notes – Version, released 4/15/20

Summary:  This small release, increases usability across several key features in FOURA.

  • Fixed an error when completing build with zero-quantity lines
  • Fixed an error in the Adjustment Transaction, when attempting to change unit if quantity entered exceeds new unit maximum
  • Updated the Browse Sales Invoices Form with Added Gross Profit, Gross Margin, PickCost fields
  • Updated the Copy Order function to use the current pack multiplier
  • Updated the Copy Purchase Order function to use the current supplier item multiplier
  • Updated the Bank Reconciliation Form, with an Add zoom link to Ref ID
  • Added a Disassembly Build feature to the Bill of Materials feature.

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