Release Notes – Version, released 11/9/20

Fourasoft, LLC
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Summary:  This release includes an Enhanced Return Process and a lot of polish to make FOURA operate as good as it looks.

  • Fixed issue with Ship To Use Map Coordinates (Use Coords), which now checks for a new address as part of adding a new customer
  • Updated the Customer Purchase Order Field on the Add Sales Invoice Form to use upper-case
  • Updated the Sales Orde and Sales Invoice Forms, allowing Tax Exempt to be manually selected which will set the Tax Entity Use Code to G = Resale
  • Updated FOURA to validate the Country and State on a address record – Now using the Require State Flag (ReqState) in the Countries Table to use the Country States to validate the entry.
  • Updated the Sales Quote to set Tax Rates and Exemption information when customer is assigned or the Ship-To is changed
  • Updated the Customers Form, Customer Resale Certificate button in green on Customer entry form if active resale certificate exists
  • Updated the Browse Alerts Form with Aged Days
  • Updated the Cash Entry From, where Cash Entries can be revised at any time, including line-level un-allocation as needed
  • Updated the Sales Order Reports to include the from\Picking Warehouse (Whse) field
  • Updated the Discount Description on the Discounts Form to 100 characters
  • Updated the Security Role Membership list to 1000 characters
  • Updated the Sales Invoice Return Help File to include the Enhanced Return Process steps
  • Updated the Scheduler, where “all day” events will now reset the time to the default 8AM-5PM
  • Updated the Sales Tax Report Include the Jurisdictional Tax Location Code\
  • Updated the Scheduler to only allow private event colors to be changed, reset to default color when event becomes public
  • Updated the Sales Order and Sales Invoice Forms to auto-converted Item Number entries to all caps upon entry
  • Updated the Scheduler to remember the selected event types for each user logged in
  • Updated the Warehouses Form to include the Alternate Manager, supporting shared duties and backup situations
  • Updated the Warehouse Transfer Form, to allow the freight amount to be edited up to the time of receipt
  • Updated the Warehouse Transfer Report (access via the Print Button) on the Warehouse Transfer From, now displays the From and To Warehouse Addresses
  • Updated the Inventory Transaction Viewer Form (from Browse Transactions) to display the Order Number Field (OrdNo) on Pick Transactions
  • Added the Enhanced Return Process, so customer returns (items and costs) take only a few mouse clicks
  • Added Item Class to the Browse Stock Calcs Form
  • Added the Taxation Method (TaxMethod) and Tax location Code (TaxLocCode) to Browse addresses Form
  • Added a Legacy Sales Browse Form to Order Management menu, if applicable. This allows select customers with incomplete legacy sales history to easily access past details
  • Added the Inventory Transaction Viewer Form, that displays transaction details when users zoom into the Transaction ID (Trx) Field.
  • Added an Accounts Payable Approver Security Role.  This allows the approval of AP Invoices, even without invoice edit rights

Fourasoft, LLC

Fourasoft, LLC is the publisher of FOURA, a powerful tool for Stage Two businesses to handle inventory, accounting, customer relationship management, and so much more.

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